When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be noble to pretend you do not notice them.
- Lemony Snicket (via paintdeath)

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I almost had you, didn’t I?
- Six Word Story  (via blackbruise)

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do you ever just read one little thing that kills you inside

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daily reminder that it is okay to put yourself first

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Since we first met I have loved you with whatever I had to love you with.
- Zelda to Scott, 1935 (via youngfolksociety)

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I know I’m still young and there’s a lot of time for things to happen, but sometimes I think there is something about me that’s wrong, that I’m not the kind of person anyone can fall in love with, and that I’ll always just be alone.
- Lynne Rae Perkins, Criss Cross (via simply-quotes)

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You cannot find peace by avoiding life.
- Virginia Woolf (via feellng)

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